Register your plants in GDash

In the GDash system, your customers' plants are centralized on a single platform, optimizing their monitoring and facilitating their access to the inverter manufacturers' portals.

Go to, go to Integrations and search for the manufacturers you use

Click on "✚" to Add your credential for the selected manufacturer's portal and fill in the information with the same login and password you use for the manufacturer's portal.

Finish by clicking on Add credential

Couldn't find your credential on the manufacturer's portal? Contact our team on WhatsApp

You can access the manufacturer's portal directly via GDash. Find out how:

Go to and Integrations and on the portals page, search for the manufacturers you use

On the card referring to your preferred portal, click on the manufacturer's Company Name and access the desired portal

| 𝓲 Use GDash to monitor all your plants in one place, optimizing your time, generating more efficiency for your team and speeding up after-sales service.

Invalid credential or error during integration? Contact us and talk to our support team: link

Updated on: 23/11/2023

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