Overview of Plant Status

Status UFV's

On the GDash homepage you can view the status of your UFV's

1. Status in overview:

After selecting the UFV, you will have an overview of its data and can analyze the status of your inverter:

If the Plant Status is "#OK" , the UFV and its inverter are working properly and as expected.

2. Status current view

To analyze the current status of your UFV, click on Current on the plant you want to analyze. Once this is done, you will see the data graphically displaying the accumulated power according to the nominal power of the inverter(s). If you have 2 or more inverters, the graph will represent them in new columns.

3. Status on the map:

You can also analyze the status of your plant using the map feature in the left-hand taskbar on the home page. Simply click on the Map icon. This way, you can see the location of all your UFVs on the map, with their respective statuses.

UFV status types

There are 5 types of UFV status. They are:

No problems found

Part of the inverters offline

One or more inverters in alarm

All inverters offline

No inverters registered

Updated on: 23/11/2023

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